New to MacBook? Here’s a Collection of Resources

Got a new MacBook Pro or Air? Congratulations and welcome to the Mac world!

We feel your excitement, but hold on, familiarizing yourself with some Mac OS X basics would boost your future productivity — more comfort, less hassles.

Here’s a list of resources we’d like to recommend you to read and apply.

Apple MacBook Basics

Mac News

  • MacRumors: keep yourself updated with what’s new about Apple.
  • 9to5mac: another great Mac news site, as the name indicates: 9am to 5pm all about Mac stuff.


  • Apple iCloud: your data means the whole world, make sure you have backups as always.
  • How to upgrade OS X: Apple launches new OS X system every year or so.
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac: in case you want to run Windows on your Macbook.
  • Onyx – free, easy-to-use system cleaning tool for OS X.
  • Wunderlist – task/time management app that works amazingly across multiple platforms.
  • Google Chrome – best web browser in the world (no “one of”).

Any other good suggestions, let us know!

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